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Baby Trapped in Bank Vault

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No need to look any further. You've arrived at the most qualified safe and vault opening company in Georgia. Protection Lock!                 Small ? - Large ? - GUN Safes - Fire Safe - Antique Safe - Burglar Safe - Jewelers Safe or Bank Vault, We've got you covered!!


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Safecracking or Safe Penetration


         During its useful life, a safe will probably develop a problem which results in what we call a "lock out." It is at this time a safe technician  (safecracker) is needed. In most cases it is usually something simple and can be overcome by dialing diagnostics, then making the proper repairs to put it back into service. At other times, more sophisticated techniques may need to be employed. This is the point that separates the "men from the boys" or you might say the "locksmiths from the safe techs". Now, I believe locksmithing is an honorable profession, and I have great respect for it, but in today's world, specialization in the safe and vault industry is becoming more common and more necessary.

    A qualified safe technician has the information, tools and know how to perform even the most difficult safe and vault openings in a professional, non destructive manner. Determining the cause of a safe or vault lockout requires skills and expertise gained through years of field experience. Contracting the services of someone who is not qualified may ultimately result in something like the photograph below:   




    This gun safe lockout was the result of someone losing the combination numbers. For a qualified safe technician this would have been a textbook opening, but unfortunately an unqualified individual  was  contracted for this job. If you will look between the handle and the dial there are a total of 15 holes in what was a very expensive, high quality Remington gun safe. This so called "locksmith/safeman" had no idea or information as to how to open this safe. When drilling didn't work, he began prying on the opening side of the door trying to achieve an opening. Needless to say, he was unsuccessful, and the safe was, for the most part, destroyed. What was supposed to have been a "cheap" opening became a very expensive lesson in what not to do. What's worse,  this safe probably could  have been opened with out drilling any holes at all, by using a technique called, "manipulation" (the ability to open a combination lock by feel and sound alone)


    Locksmithing is a noble line of work but, when your expensive gun collection, or the jewelry you need to open your jewelry store, or the money you've been saving is in your locked up safe, you need the services of a qualified safe and vault technician to insure not only your satisfaction, but also to know that your safe will see another day.

    Protection Lock has the tools, knowledge, and experience to perform professional, timely and surgical openings. We have a personal commitment to your satisfaction. So much so that we guarantee, if we don't open your safe, you don't pay!!




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