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Baby Trapped in Bank Vault

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Baby Trapped in Bank Vault


    Several times a year safe technicians like myself get calls that are considered unusual. It might be call from the local authorities for a drug bust with a safe in the house, or a celebrity having safe problems, or a military unit  can't ship out because their weapons are locked up in the vault. Well, the following vault opening for most techs will probably never happen. I know of one other tech that had one like this (Skip Eckert from Ohio) and I'm sure his was equally intense.

    A little over a year ago I was called to perform one of the most interesting bank vault openings I have ever done. It was to free a small child that had been mistakenly locked inside a vault. From the initial phone call, to the police escort to the branch, to actually opening the door, it was a very anxious situation. While on the way to the branch I was asked to take part in a conference call that would describe to me the whole situation. I was asked what I needed upon my arrival? I simply replied, "Try not to let anyone bother me and just let me focus on the opening" They obliged. Knowing that it was an extremely tense situation for everyone involved, from the employees, to security, to the mother of the child it was still to my surprise that this opening made not only national news but international. For the next few weeks I was continually intruppted  from my daily grind to answer requests for radio interviews, newspaper stories and even TV interviews and e-mails from friends abroad telling me, "Hey I just saw you on the news". To make a long story short, it was the most unusual opening I've ever been involved in.

I have included links to some of the stories and videos below.



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    Ok, thats about it. You will notice too, the media doesn't know the difference between a safe technician and a locksmith. Oh well.  Thats life.



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