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Baby Trapped in Bank Vault

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Safe Opening Pictures from Hurricane Katrina


No need to look any further. You've arrived at the most qualified safe and vault opening company in Georgia. Protection Lock!                 Small ? - Large ? - GUN Safes - Fire Safe - Antique Safe - Burglar Safe - Jewelers Safe or Bank Vault, We've got you covered!!


GSA Specialists including re-inspection

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National Safemans Organization

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High Security/Jeweler's Safes


   High security/Jeweler's safes are a whole different breed. They are made to withstand particularly brutal burglary attacks and still protect their contents. They are high dollar items.  Purchasing a jeweler's safe means investing a lot of money. Prices of $5,000 to $20,000 are common but can go as high as $100,000. Unlike the banking industry where a vast majority of the equipment in the U.S. is American made, there is a mixture of equipment in the jeweler's industry. American, Swedish, German, French, English, South American, Australian, South African and even India and Israel have their safe's in the American market. We call them High Security Safes. U.L. ratings for these safes are generally TRTL-30 up to TXTL-60-X6.

    Each manufacturer has their own special designs, but all have one thing in common, several layers of protection. These layers consist of combination locks, high security key locks, hard plates, glass plates, deflector plates  and relockers, just to name a few. Each designed to thwart even the most horrific attacks.

    While jeweler's safes are relatively dependable, lock outs do occur. Lost combinations, lost keys and burglary attempts are the most common causes.

    To even think of attempting an opening one of these "monsters" without intimate knowledge of its design, is simply ridiculous.  Unqualified people attempting an opening routinely cause more damage to the unit and compound not only the qualified safe technicians job but also the cost of the opening. This is no environment for amateurs.

    Here at Protection Lock we have extensive experience servicing, opening and repairing high security jeweler's safes, and depending on the cause of the lockout, drilling may not be necessary. One example would be lost keys. Many of today's high security keylocks can be picked open instead of drilled and destroyed, thereby reducing the damage and in many cases the cost of a new lock.

    Picking high security locks is not easy, we have spent many years perfecting our techniques and we are, without a doubt, the most qualified high security keylock pickers in the southeastern United States. We have more picking equipment and experience than any other company in the region. Bar none!

    So when the day comes when your high security safe doesn't open. You need to call us. Please, don't make a hard job even worse by hiring an unqualified person. Rely on a proven company with experience and know how.

        Protection Lock!




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