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Baby Trapped in Bank Vault

More Cool Pictures

Safe Opening Pictures from Hurricane Katrina


No need to look any further. You've arrived at the most qualified safe and vault opening company in Georgia. Protection Lock!                 Small ? - Large ? - GUN Safes - Fire Safe - Antique Safe - Burglar Safe - Jewelers Safe or Bank Vault, We've got you covered!!


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National Safemans Organization

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Pictures from the Gulf

A man and his dog road this boat all the way in to a bank parking lot. Scary

A 5000 lb. night drop broken away from the wall and moved into the lobby area of the branch by the storm surge.Gulfport.

Bank employees removing the saturated contents of the night drop.

RJ, (Ron Jewell, safe technician extraordinaire) opened this Diebold Atm after looters drug it out to the center of the casino to burglarze it. Needless to say, it was a very dirty environment to work in. The worst I've seen.

Tight quarters for RJ. But he got this Diebold atm open that was damaged during the surge. Is this guy a professional or what?

Bank vault and no bank in Long Beach, 24 hour curfew in this area. Sitting near the beach baking in the hot sun for a month. Lefebure 4000. This one was going to be tough, and they knew it.

After drilling we had to beat it open. Door was history anyway. Bolts were completely rusted. A good hour of pounding and it opened.

RJ and Meatloaf. This was after opening several atm's at the Beau Revage Casino at Biloxi.

Tiffany from Regions Bank. After I dialed open this Diebold 140 antique vault door we found that only the carpet was wet. The branch had 8 to 10 feet of water in it during the surge but the door kept the vault virtually dry.


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